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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oilers - Embarrassment or Rebuild?

The Edmonton Oilers have had some of the most faithful and loyal fans over the years and if your buying what is being sold in Oil Country these past 5 years, you probably are getting the sense it just might be food poisoning. Rebuild is being preached, patience is being pushed and optimism is constantly being sold. Who stands accountable for the results the Oiler fans are witnessing?

Name a franchise that offers more promise every year for improvement but continues to screw it up and somehow get worse? With what Edmonton has got in the draft these last 7 years for opportunities there is not another organization that has messed up this bad. The only constant has been firing a coach and bringing in another. Granted IMO some of the coaches did not do a good enough job and still continue to over promise and make bonehead coaching decisions. In the end, it is the players that are assembled to build a winning team. I am and will always be a Edmonton Oilers fan but this has become a total embarrassment of a team to watch. I watch games with excitement and anticipation to only feel like putting a brown paper bag over my head in shame that I still support and love my hockey team. Heck, the team has gone to the dogs so bad, even the cats wear brown paper bags over their head.

I have been offered by friends to go to a Oilers game here or there this year. I declined! Why? I know what to expect. (Or should I say, I am all to familiar with wasting my hard earned money at Rexall on outrageous prices to watch a sub-par performance on the ice) Those same friends and several others I know or have heard from can not give away their tickets this year. Why is that? Disappointment lies in their future 80% of the time.

I am impressed how Oilers staff can keep sugar coating hope for the future and patience in so many different flavours. Hats off to them, they do a great job. Granted I do not have the answers to this problem only ideas. On the other hand, I am not paid by the Oilers to solve their problem. Nope but I do PAY to watch this team and somebody has been stealing my money for years.

I know this has come across as a 'doom and gloom' post. Truth is, this team IMO is only a few moves away from being a consistent playoff team. They have skill, they have good prospects still in the system but what they do not have is a 'winning culture' and it appears from ownership down that losing is acceptable for the time being.

Having said all this, the Oilers are looking like a 90% chance they will finish in the Top 10 picks for the 2014 NHL Entry Draft once again. (Likely a Top 5 if this continues). I will be focusing on getting up the remaining prospects to be possibly selected this next year at the 2014 NHL Entry draft as we continue with my REVS 2014 NHL DRAFT PROSPECTS

In the meantime, keep your stick on the ice!


  1. October and we are looking at potential draft picks for 2014. Sad

    Fire Kevin Lowe

  2. I could not agree with you more, but history often repeats itself and every statistical study out there says the probability of another year out of the playoffs exists. Only thing that changes that is a dominant oilers team following a healthy core of stars. time will tell.


  3. “Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”


  4. Sad ... didn't even have time to update the 2013 Prospects list before moving on to the 2014 draft ... might as well start in on 2015 now ...


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