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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Line Has Been Broken

After yesterday's trade of Mike Brown for a 4th round pick, it makes sense to clear a roster spot. I'm ok with it. 

However, the Oilers just broke up the one consistent lines they've had. 

You knew what you were getting with Gazdic, Acton and Brown. You knew they were going to work hard at playing hard. I quite liked that line. I'm kind of sad it's been broken up. 

But, Ben Eager has been recalled and I'm assuming he fills Brown's spot on that line. Interested to see if he can fit in. 

I'm doubting it, but we will see. 



  1. It might've been the Oilers most consistent line, but it was consistently bad.

  2. Not sure I see this line the same way. Brown while fiesty , gritty and a hard worker struggled to get the puck out several times when cornered in his own zone. Loved their forecheck and loved their work ethic but not so much defensively to have both Gazdic and brown out there at the same time. I think Eager can do the same as Brown with more speed and a shot that is dangerous occasionally. With Gazdic on that line all pressure is off Eager fighting. Will be interesting to watch over the next couple weeks as to what happens. I actually think when Gagner comes back we will see Action moved to the wing with Arcobello in the third line center role with Nugent-Hopkins/Gagner/Gordon taking the top 3 roles. They will want to see what he can do in a limited role or if he is only suited for a skill line.

  3. I meant to say Arcobello in the 4th line role (not third)

  4. That line was starting to get killed in their own end the last few games. Consistently bad, as was said.Gazdik and Brown should never be on the ice together. I love Brownie, and he skates really fast in a straight line and has a great 'stash, but that's about it. Tyler Pitlick looks like he will be a definite upgrade over Brown if he can keep up his play.

  5. Nothing says I'm an oiler fan more than cheering / hoping for meaningful playoff games in October


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