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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

REVS Top 15 2014 NHL Prospects #5. Jake Virtanen

 REVS 2014 NHL Draft Prospects (August 10/13)
1.Sam Reinhart
2.Aaron Ekblad
3.William Nylander
4.Roland McKeown
5.Jake Virtanen
6.Blake Clarke
7.Nick Ritchie
8.Leon Draisatl
9.Michael Dal Colle
10.Jakub Vrana
11.Ivan Barbashev
12.Jared McCann
13.Anton Karlsson
14.Joshua Ho-Sang
15.Sam Bennett 

Honourable mentions:
Oskar Lindblom
Haydn Fleury
Nick Schmaltz

RECAP to date of players we have looked at
Sam Reinhart
6'1, 183 lbs
Kootney Ice- Games 34 Goals 18 Assists 35 Points 53
Canada U20- Games 7 Goals 2 Assists 3 Points 5

Aaron Ekblad
6'4, 216 lbs
Barrie Colts- Games 31 Goals 14 Assists 17 Points 31
Canada U18- Games 5 Goals 2 Assists 2 Points 4
Canada U20- Games 7 Goals 1 Assists 1 Points 2

William Nylander
5'10, 170 lbs
MODO J20- Games 1 Goals 0 Assists 0 Points 0
MODO- Games 11 Goals 0 Assists 2 Points 2
 Rögle- Games 18 Goals 4 Assists 4 Points 8
Södertälje Games 6 Goals 5 Assists 3 Points 8
Sweden U18- Games 4 Goals 4 Assists 2 Points 6

Roland McKeown
6'1, 195 lbs
Kingston Frontenacs- Games 39 Goals 8 Assists 23 Points 31
Canada U18- Games 5 Goals 0 Assists 1 Points 1

The player I listed in August at #5.
Jake Virtanen

6'1, 210 lbs
Games 43 Goals 26 Assists 16 Points 42

Jake is a player who does not mind getting his nose dirty and has the size and strength to back it up. He thinks the game with a above average hockey IQ and has slick hands as some scouts have said. Has a dynamic shot that can catch goalies unexpectedly but even better is his strong stride with the combination of size , skill and speed. Jake can be rather dominating at times on the ice. Is in the mold of a power forward but like many others before him (including the NHL) can get a bad rap that they are not working hard enough at various times.

If the Oilers were to have a shot at Jake (as of right now in the NHL standings the Oilers are sitting 29th) he easily could be that power forward with a blend of size, grit, speed and skill this team has longed for. I have heard rumblings that Jake is a player the Oilers are very interested in and are watching him closely. It will all depend on where they finish the season in their draft ranking order. Should the Oilers pick anywhere other then top 3, Jake could be their likely pick. His season has started to slow down boxcars wise but is a player nonetheless that they do not have coming up in the system.

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