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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Could the Oilers be one of the 12 teams chasing UFA Jiri Sekac?

What are the chances this 6'2, 190 lb Czech player lands in Edmonton? He has taken a long road to get to the NHL but is being highly sought out right now according to those in the inside circles of hockey. I highly doubt he is coming to Edmonton but never say never for a team that has been trying it's luck outside the NHL for talent to bring in.

Check out his stats here at elite prospects . Nothing shouts out at you that he is a top 6 player but possibly a player to add some skill and bigger size on the third line. You have to try swinging for the fence sometimes otherwise you never even hit first base. This recent tweet suggested the following...

Vishal Hussain @vishal_hussain
European Sources: Jiri "Cakes" Sekac has eight NHL offers, #Devils #Flyers #Senators appear to be frontrunners for his services.

It's rumoured that he will likely select to play in New Jersey with the Devils as Jagr is once again a prime recruiter as per usual. Don't think he ends up here in Edmonton just more curious if he actually may have been at least targeted by the young Oilers team.

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  1. When was the last time these types of players have panned out? Oilers take on these risks far too often and they always backfire.

    The link provided says he is 6'0" and so do a number of other pages. 2 inches shorter than you say in your column. I tend to believe the shorter height over the taller, the NHL usually exaggerates.

  2. good catch. I was quick to get it up and went by the info that was sent to me for size. I agree 100% on these players don't usually pan out. Problem is when your not a team that has a winning culture, you look under every rock. That's all they are doing until something shakes loose likely


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