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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Oklahoma City Barons (AHL) / The Whirl Wind 2 Weeks

What a messed up and wacky two weeks that was.

It all started with a message from to me saying that he heard the new AHL team was going to be called the Oklahoma City Barons. (I had guessed the Oil Barons) He said it was from a good source and he really thought it was legit. We decided to wait on it (and not look stupid) and sure enough two days later, out of the blue, this tweet came out.

Seeing that made us believe that this had some real legs. We decided to go ahead and float the idea out there and see what happens.

Next thing you know, the Copper& and OFH had found some logos for the Barons.

Well that really sold us. That's it! In our minds, the Barons were going to happen no doubt about it and most people believed as well.

Then once Prodigal Hockey had announced that there was going to be a press conference on the 19th, the buzz made a bigger noise.

So with time until the PC, I had a lot of time to analyze those logos. I figured out how the layout would go and I assumed (and was right) that the Barons would use the Oilers jersey design. So I made a terrible photoshop version of my concept. I really can't believe how close I was. They should give me a free jersey just for guessing it correctly! *nudge, nudge*

On May 16th, things went from confidant that they would be the Barons, to what is going on? Bisons shirts? Logos being Trademarked? Bisons. Twisters. Roughnecks. It was nuts!

Even through all that, I still had that feeling it was the Barons and this was just Prodigal Hockey trying to mess us up. I mean really... I had to be. I changed my banner and committed to the Barons and I wasn't turning back now.

Then finally the big day arrived. OFH was prepared and set to be at the Cox Convention Center for the big reveal. I was manning the TweetCast back here in Alberta.

The day went by so quick and the excitement level was really high. I'm sure all the people enjoyed their time down at the presser. I did enjoyed myself and I wasn't even there.

After all the commotion was over, Bob Funk Jr. and Kevin Lowe took the time to answer our questions and we all had a great time reading all the different responses. (very cool that they had those two answering our questions)

One thing I did learn from Prodigal Hockey and the OKC Barons tonight, they loved the fact that we (OFH and OJ) helped create the buzz that they so desperately needed. The respected the fact that we worked hard trying to find the real scoop on this team. I think they now have the same admiration for us as we have for them. I like them. This should be a nice friendship. 

Thanks for bringing the OKC Barons into our lives Prodigal Hockey. You already have changed a lot of lives. Mine included.

Let me tell you, after all the constant digging and searching for the past two weeks, it felt good to post this. It felt like forever.

Welcome to the Oilers family Oklahoma City Barons & Prodigal Hockey.

-Written by Smokin' Ray from Oilers Jambalaya-

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